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18 March 2024

The “Kyrgyz Kairyk” Music Project


Kyrgyz Kairyk is a community of young professional musicians who are united by the creative desire to create, study, and reproduce new samples of traditional music.

In the last 6 years, 5 musical experimental camps and one international art residence were organized, in which musicians from Mongolia, Buryatia, Khakassia, Mountain Altai, and Central Asian countries participated. In total, more than 50 young musicians participated in the project and received training.

At the moment, the ensemble "Kyrgyz Kairyk" consists of more than 15 musicians, and the expanded composition includes foreign musicians participating in the art residency. As a result of the activities of creative laboratories and camps, more than 70 musical compositions of various genres have been written. Of these, 45 original compositions were included in the collection album "Kyrgyz Kairyk," which was recorded in 2023. This album is already available on all streaming platforms such as Spotify and iTunes.

The repertoire of the Kyrgyz Kairyk Ensemble currently includes a variety of content based on Kyrgyz traditional music, as well as musical genres such as folk, ethno-fusion, ethno-ambient, classical, experimental music, and other sub-genres.