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As a private, not for profit, secular institution, the University of Central Asia’s programmes are heavily subsidised to make quality education accessible and affordable. The generosity of donors and alumni play a vitally important role in securing UCA's long-term sustainability, and the ability to respond to the needs and challenges of Central Asian countries – particularly its mountain communities.

The School of Professional and Continuing Education (SPCE) offers over 80 short courses for students ages 7 to 70. These three to six month short cycle courses help increase employment opportunities, job promotions, continuing education, and lifelong learning. Over 130,000 students have benefitted from these courses at SPCE since 2006. An independent alumni survey reported a 90% satisfaction rate.

SPCE Students (7)

A mental math class at the School of Professional and Continuing Education.

The School of Arts and Sciences (SAS) offers a unique five-year undergraduate programme that cultivates interdisciplinary knowledge and skills students need to advance their intellectual growth, broaden their vision, and create innovations in their professional and personal life. Admission to this fully residential School is based purely on merit, and UCA guarantees financial assistance to all students whose applications are accepted. The average contribution of students towards their tuition, room and board, a laptop computer, health insurance, and numerous facilities, constitutes 5% of the actual cost of education. The rest is subsidized by UCA making education and living at the University particularly affordable for students from rural communities.

Undergraduate School

Students experiment in hi-tech labs at the School of Arts and Sciences.

The Graduate School of Development (GSD) is the home for multidisciplinary research on Central Asia's social, economic, and cultural development. GSD is comprised of five entities, each of which has achieved a significant presence in the Central Asian knowledge landscape. They have forged regional networks of universities, researchers, and communities of practice, and established international collaborations. With over 150 research publications on its website, GSD is a singular storehouse of knowledge, committed to making it freely accessible to all.

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Sharing knowledge through publications and conferences is an important part of the Graduate School's objectives.