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Local Community

The University of Central Asia's (UCA) mission is to promote the social and economic development of Central Asia, particularly its mountain communities, by offering an internationally recognized standard of higher education and enabling the region to preserve its rich cultural heritage as assets for the future. UCA brings with it the broader commitment and partnership of the Aga Khan Development Network.

The University hosts a range of interesting and engaging activities for all. You can choose to visit our campus or one of our learning centers and can also participate in any of the community engagement programmes.

Health Fair

UCA organizes health fairs to provide medical assistance to town communities.

Water Supply System Osh 3

AKDN conducts health and hygiene drills within all of its educational and health institutions.

Jomok Kindergarten 5

Aga Khan Development Network promotes education as one of the fundamental requirements to attain quality of life.

Green Planet Event

Environment club at UCA organizes events to promote socially conscious behavior towards planet earth.

Outreach (1)

UCA students, faculty and staff organize community engagement events throughout the year.

Plum Business Jalalabad

AKDN projects aim to provide food security and quality of life to smallholder farmers and their families.

Jomok Kindergarten Osh

For over 100 years the AKDN has worked to ensure that students of all ages have access to quality learning opportunities.

Karimkol's Nursery 2

For over 30 years, AKDN has worked in remote and fragile geographies to effectively reduce poverty.

Jomok Kindergarten 3

Each year, the AKDN reaches 2 million learners across 16 countries.