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UCA and Foundation for Better Life Reaffirm Commitments to Collaborate

School of Professional and Continuing Education
6 May 2024

UCA’s School of Professional and Continuous Education (SPCE) in Khorog warmly welcomed a distinguished delegation from the Foundation for a Better Life (FBL), including Mr Jalal Sultan, Chairman, and Mr Sirojiddin Ahmadbekov, Country Director for Tajikistan. FBL, a non-profit organisation based in the United States, is dedicated to alleviating poverty through innovative programmes aimed at increasing family incomes and providing training in marketable skills. Thanks to the support extended by FBL, many individuals in Khorog have been able to access vocational training courses offered by SPCE.

The visit provided FBL representatives with valuable insights into SPCE’s programmes, achievements, and future plans. During their visit, the guests toured SPCE’s Khorog campus, including the Centre for Entrepreneurship and the Technical and Vocational Education Training Centre. This tour offered a firsthand look at SPCE’s dedication to providing quality education and fostering entrepreneurship through short-term programmes. A highlight of the visit was the opportunity for the visitors to interact with SPCE learners who successfully secured employment after completing their studies with support from FBL.

During the visit to the campus of UCA’s School of Arts and Sciences in Khorog, the guests met with members of UCA’s leadership and engaged in discussions on further collaboration to expand access to quality education and contribute to community development.

Expressing their satisfaction with the ongoing partnership, FBL representatives shared their delight in witnessing the positive outcomes of the collaboration with UCA in alleviating poverty and creating sustainable opportunities for local communities. The visit reaffirmed the commitment of both UCA and FBL to continue working hand in hand to improve the quality of life of people in Tajikistan.

DSC 8863

Students and instructors of SPCE’s electrician programme demonstrating their learning materials and equipment to the visitors.

DSC 8847

Mr Jalal Sultan, Chairman, FBL (right) graciously accepts a gift crafted by a talented SPCE student in Khorog.


Dr Kholiknazar Kuchakshoev, Associate Dean of UCA’s School of Arts and Sciences (SAS) (middle), showcases to the visitors the cutting-edge facilities and equipment housed within the laboratories at UCA SAS Campus in Khorog.