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SPCE Enhances Financial Literacy of Youth in Central Asia

School of Professional and Continuing Education
6 May 2024

Over 700 students from UCA’s School of Professional and Continuing Education (SPCE) have gained valuable financial literacy and budget management skills through the Global Money Week activities organised by SPCE learning centres in Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Afghanistan. These newfound knowledge and skills are crucial for enabling students to confidently navigate the complexities of the financial world and secure their financial futures.

The activities aimed to raise awareness among SPCE students about fundamental financial concepts such as budgeting, saving, investing, and managing debt. Collaborating with local banks including the Kyrgyz Investment and Credit Bank, First Microfinance Bank, Amonatbonk, Eskhata, and Arvand, SPCE organised tours to these financial institutions and workshops led by bank representatives, providing participants with insights into their facilities, services, and regulations. Additionally, SPCE’s learning centres organised art, essay, and design competitions to further engage students in the initiative, with outstanding performances honoured with prizes.

Global Money Week is a worldwide campaign dedicated to raising awareness about financial literacy among children and youth.

Shugnan GMW

Young students of SPCE in Shughnan, Afghanistan learning budget management through interactive games.

Khujand (2)

Students of SPCE in Khujand, Tajikistan participating in the Global Money Week activity.

Khorog GMW

Students of SPCE in Khorog, Tajikistan showcasing their certificates of participation in the Global Money Week.

GMW Naryn

Young students of SPCE Naryn improving their financial literacy through interactive activities