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CHHU Book launch in Khorog

Cultural Heritage and Humanities Unit
27 May 2024

UCA’s Cultural Heritage and Humanities Unit celebrated the launch of its two new books "Fairy Tales of Badakhshan" and "Folk Wisdoms of Badakhshan". These books stand as a testament to years of dedication and hard work from contributors, offering readers a captivating glimpse into the rich cultural tapestry of Tajikistan's Badakhshan region. Within their pages lie tales of brave heroes, mystical creatures, and daring adventures.

The special book launch event took place at UCA’s School of Arts and Sciences campus in Khorog, bringing together a diverse audience of scholars, researchers, and students eager to participate in the celebration.

“These anthologies serve not only as a bridge to the rich cultural landscapes of Tajikistan but also as a testament to the importance of preserving our cultural heritage in all its diversity. Each tale and saying within these volumes carries the essence of age-old wisdom and traditions, passed down through generations, and now shared with the world,” remarked Dr. Christopher Gerry, Acting Rector of UCA and Dean of UCA’s Graduate School of Development, as he warmly welcomed the event's guests.

The event came alive with captivating recitations from the books in various languages by UCA students, alongside musical performances weaving tales from the books into melodious tunes.

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The event’s participants showcasing the new books published by UCA’s Cultural Heritage and Humanities Unit.