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Promoting Economic and Financial Literacy in Central Asia

Institute of Public Policy and Administration
6 June 2024

UCA’s Institute of Public Policy and Administration, in collaboration with the Economic Fundamentals Initiative (EFI) and Narxoz University, Kazakhstan, organised the first Central Asian Regional Forum on Economic and Financial Literacy in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

The event convened experts, professionals, and influencers in financial literacy from Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Azerbaijan. It provided a platform for discussing current trends, challenges, and opportunities for promoting economic and financial education in the region. Key topics included the status of financial literacy taught in Central Asia's native languages, the integration of financial education into academic curricula, the role of digital platforms in disseminating financial knowledge, and the initiatives spearheaded by both private entities and national banks to enhance economic and financial literacy.

Dr Miras Daulenov, President of Narxoz University, and Professor Randall K. Filer, President of EFI addressed the forum participants with keynote speeches, stressing the crucial role of financial literacy in fostering economic growth and stability in Central Asia.

IMG 5004

Dr Miras Daulenov, President of Narxoz University welcoming the Forum participants.