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Exploring Central Asian Cultural Heritage through Women's Artistry

Cultural Heritage and Humanities Unit
6 June 2024

Over 15,000 people have visited the traveling exhibition "Guardians of the Silk Road's Heritage: Women of the Mountains of Central Asia," by UCA’s Cultural Heritage and Humanities Unit. The exhibition traversed through various geographies including Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan,  Tajikistan, Pakistan, and culminated at the Oriental Museum in the United Kingdom.

The exhibition showcased the rich tapestry of Central Asian folk art, featuring the works of professional artists and craftswomen dedicated to preserving and transmitting traditional knowledge and skills. Textile masterpieces were displayed alongside captivating photographs capturing these women engaged in various traditional craft techniques.

Supported by the GCRF Resilient Silk Route Heritage Network, the exhibition aimed to empower local communities to commercially and creatively develop their cultural heritage. By fostering cross-cultural exchanges and collaboration, the initiative sought to revive ancient routes and facilitate mutual learning among diverse communities. The GCRF Silk Routes Heritage Network, a collaboration between Durham University, the University of Central Asia, and the NGO Laajverd, received funding from UK Research and Innovation through the Global Challenges Research Fund.