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SPCE’s Impactful TVET Courses in Khorog, Tajikistan

School of Professional and Continuing Education
8 April 2024

Meet Akimjon Gulomaseynov, a 53-year-old resident of Khorog, Tajikistan whose journey to success exemplifies the transformative power of education and skill development.


Faced with the challenges of unstable temporary jobs and limited income, Akimjon joined SPCE’s TVET courses to enhance his skills and create better income-generating opportunities. Within just a year, he completed the "Plumber Gas-Electric Welder" and "Electrician" courses, earning certifications that validated his expertise in these areas.


After completing the courses Akimjon secured a job as a plumber and electrician at a public school in Khorog. Simultaneously, he began receiving private orders, leading to a surge in demand for his services. Demonstrating a strong commitment to social responsibility, Akimjon provided free plumbing services to vulnerable and in-need families in his town.


I have seen how SPCE’s TVET programme changes people’s lives for the better and I experienced it myself. I believe that this education provides a great opportunity particularly for young people to acquire new skills and enhance their lives without having to migrate to other countries,” - states Akimjon.

Akimjon Gulomaseynov (2)

Akimjon Gulomaseynov