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UCA Students on Academic Exchange Programmes

Mahtob Mirzojonova, a senior student majoring in Global Economics at the University of Central Asia (UCA) participated in the Erasmus+ mobility program and spent a semester studying Business Administration at the University of South Eastern Norway in 2022. During her time in Norway, Mahtob also volunteered with an organization called "Frivillig" which organizes events for marginalized groups in the community.

In her own words, Mahtob reflects on thevalue of her exchange experience: "In addition to receiving a high-quality education at UCA, this exchange semester in Norway was an invaluable time for personal growth, learning about cultural diversity, and making lifelong friends. UCA taught me all the necessary study skills such as academic writing, group work, presentation skills, and critical thinking which helped me to adapt to this new environment".

As an experienced student who has benefited from an exchange program, Mahtob also shares some advice for her peers: "I advise UCA Students on Academic Exchange Programmesmy fellow students to believe in their abilities and always strive for the best. There will be many opportunities along the way, and never think that the standards are too high for you or that you are not competitive enough. You have all the tools you need, just work on developing them and don't miss out on any opportunity".

Zaynura Kaykovusova, a senior student majoring in Earth and Environmental Sciences at the University of Central Asia (UCA), knows first-hand the power of determination and the importance of overcoming excuses. Her desire for personal growth and new experiences led her to participate in the UGRAD exchange program spending a semester at the Centenary College of Louisiana in the United States. Through this program, Zaynura gained valuable insights into different cultures and expanded her understanding of the world. Sharing her insights about her exchange experience, Zaynura said, "I am grateful to be part of this program thanks to which I met friends from different parts of the world and learned about their cultures. They made me feel at home, and we still keep in touch. I also participated in community service programs, which taught me valuable life skills. As a result, my passion and desire to serve my community has grown even more, and I am eager to make positive changes for the future."

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Mahtob Mirzojonova

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Zaynura Kaykovusova