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Building a Consortium to Address Complex Challenges Influencing Human Health to Improve Progress Towards Health and Health Related SDGs (CHOICE)

Institute of Public Policy and Administration of the Graduate School of Development establishes and coordinates a Think Tank in Kyrgyzstan, with support from The Centre for Global Child Health at The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto. This is a multisectoral, academic-led think tank that will provide guidance to the CHOICE project – Building a Consortium to address Climate Change, Health, and Complex Challenges (CHOICE). As one of five country-specific Think Tanks, this particular one will support the local implementation of the health and health-related Sustainable Development Goals (HHSDGs) in Kyrgyzstan. Alongside original research and evidence gathering, the Think Tank will promote the development of local solutions to facilitate the implementation of health and health-related SDGs by providing guidance on focused research, analysis, and advocacy, ongoing monitoring and evaluation of the HHSDGs, and advocacy on HHSDG progress and strategies with government and civil society stakeholders.  

Among other activities and outputs of the project are conducting a baseline national situational analysis on HHSDG progress (including but not limited to progress on climate change, mental health, and gender inequalities) and executing research and advocacy activities.