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AKHP MA Course

AKHP supports the initiative of a group of scholars from the region to develop and deliver a 5-ECTS course on "The Central Asian Worldview: Past and Present." The initiative explores the thought-process of regional communities over ages.

The course is informed by AKHP’s cross-disciplinary approach and pedagogy, where students develop answers to various theories on their own, and provide a consensual framework for examining issues. The course comprises of three blocks: history, the economy (livelihoods) and the environment, keeping a focus on student research.

The course package features a detailed curriculum, learning resources and a teachers’ guide, as well as an interactive electronic map populated by socio-economic and environmental data. The course supports regional intellectual and academic cooperation, and is offered as part of history masters programmes at nine universities in three countries. An online regional conference for course developers, instructors and students is planned for this year. The course will be available online.

In 2020, AKHP developed and published the curriculum materials and teacher’s guide (pre-final version about 460 pages) for an MA course on the "Central Asian Worldview: Past and Present", which was successfully piloted in 2019 at the Chokan Valikhanov Institute of History and Ethnology, part of the Committee for Science at Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Education and Sciences, the I. Arabaev Kyrgyz State University, and the Institute of History, Archaeology and Ethnography, part of the Tajik Academy of Sciences.

From February 2020, AKHP’s MA course was officially included in the curriculum at these educational institutions as an elective course. In late December 2020, AKHP developed a new additional option: Economic Data for the AKHP Interactive Electronic Ethnographic Map for Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan in Russian (, as an integral part of the AKHP MA course, with the participation of leading scholars and researchers working in geography, history, ethnography and economics from the three countries.

Access the MA Teaching Manual and Coursebook here.

Tot Training On AKHP MA Course In Almaty April 2019

Participants Of AKHP's Training Of The AKHP MA Course With Participation Of Director Of Institute Of History And Ethnography Of The National Academy Of Kazakhstan

FDP In Almaty On AKHP MA Course January In Almaty