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26 October 2023

Improvement of yak traits by natural insemination for sustainable yak production to support rural livelihoods and food security in Murgab, Tajikistan


Aslam Qadamov, Fellow, Mountain Society Research Institute at Graduate School of Development, UCA
Suhrob Musoev, Doctor of agricultural sciences, Director of Pamir Agricultural Research Center of Academy of Agricultural Sciences of Tajikistan
Ikromi Fazliddin, Research Fellow, Pamir Agricultural Research Center
Qudratbekova Nilufar, Research Fellow, Pamir Agricultural Research Center


The study was conducted in the high Pamir with an experimental herd of yaks at Pamir Agriculture Research Center (PARC), Murghab (Alichul, Ok Char valley). In this study two sires of Mongolian ecotype, the best in origin and phenotypic traits were selected from Bulunkul farm for breeding with ten Pamir ecotype yak cows at PARC, using the method of intrabreed selection to prevent inbreeding and obtain more viable and productive offspring.

Keywords: yak breeding, inbreeding, Pamir, yaks, Murghab, productivity, growth and development