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3 November 2023

Climate Change Concerns in Central Asia Public Discourse


Asel Murzakulova, The Mountain Societies Research Institute, UCA


This policy brief is based on University of Central Asia research project “Climate Change and environmental stress: the mapping of the conflicts contextualization in Central Asia” supported by United States Institute of Peace. The opinions ex-pressed in the publication are the author's and do not express the position of any organization or institution.


The study has uncovered a significant disparity between expert and public discourse when it comes to comprehending and addressing water stress concerns within the region. This absence of evidence-based dialogue exacerbates the securitization of the region's water problems and perpetuates the discourse of a "water wars" scenario as the most probable outcome for water policy, especially in the context of climate change. Our findings underscore the critical importance of bridging the gap between opinion leaders within the region and sectoral specialists. This collaboration is essential to construct a well-informed public narrative on environmental justice, climate change, and water stress issues. Such initiatives serve as vital mechanisms for conflict prevention and fostering public awareness of environmental challenges.