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Arnaud (1)

Dr Arnaud Caiserman is aSenior Research Fellow and Academic Team Lead with MSRI at University of Central Asia (Khorog, Tajikistan). He has broad training in physical geography with an emphasis in spatial analysis using advance remote sensing methods and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). In addition to his current research in Tajikistan and Afghanistan, Dr Caiserman conducted studies on water resources management and agricultural land degradation in drylands of Iran and Lebanon. He is author or co-author on 10 scientific papers. Current research focal areas include snow avalanches long-term mapping, glacier velocity mapping in the Pamirs; snow water equivalent measurements in Tajikistan; snow line and coverage evolution in the Panj River catchment; and sediment transport in the Vakhsh River, Tajikistan. Dr Caiserman also offers occasional lectures in remote sensing and earth science at University of Central Asia.