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Shams Sharif is a Lecturer of History and Political Science. Previously, he held the position of Lecturer in English for Academic Purposes at UCA’s Undergraduate Preparatory Programme, and Document Controller/Translator for UCA’s Construction and Facilities Division in Khorog. Before joining UCA, Sharif worked as an Instructor of Academic English and Director of Studies at the Khorog English and Preparatory Programme.

In addition to Sharif’s teaching experience, he holds a Master’s of Arts in Contemporary European Studies from the University of Sussex, United Kingdom (UK). He also has a Bachelor’s degree in History and Sociology from Khorog State University. In addition, Sharif holds a Diploma from the Graduate Programme in Islamic Studies and Humanities from the Institute of Ismaili Studies in the UK, as well as a Certificate to Teach the English Language to Adults (CELTA) from the University of Cambridge, UK.