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Hofiz 2

Hofiz holds a Master’s degree from the University of Bradford, UK in Project Management and Policy Development.  He has over ten years of extensive experience in construction.

Hofiz joined UCA in 2001 as an Administrative Manager. He worked for five years at this position before getting involved with the Construction and Facilities Division as a Site Manager. His main responsibilities included dealing with the acquisition of the site for the UCA Khorog campus. Moreover, he also dealt with the relocation of private houses on the site. Since 2011, Hofiz worked as a Senior Project Manager with UCA and AKES / across 4 countries. Building the first phase of UCA’s Khorog Campus is one of the most valuable project which Hofiz hs managed, with a construction project value of $63.6 million. Another socially valuable project was the construction of Ismaili Jamatkhana and Centre in Khorog, Tajikistan. Overall, the total budget of projects overseen by Hofiz Mirzonabotov value more than $100 million.